What I would like to do with my time with the Dream Weaver Foundation is to do my small part in helping young people learn the importance of service and showing how that is the ultimate expression of love. When you serve your community you build your community and I believe when you serve others you gain a stronger sense of self and hopefully a purpose. It is greater to serve than to be served. I believe in leading by example everyday with my job as a lead developer of a team of nine at a small IT company. As family man of faith, who has not only a passion for everything IT but wholeheartedly believe that to move this country forward that STEM is the key to success. Also I hold an Associates Degree in Computer and Information Science. I’ve had a variety of jobs in my life, from a corporal in the U.S. Army with a tour in Korea and Saudi Arabia, to being a real estate agent, and a car salesman but my passion of software development is where I make my living. Other passions are for God, my wife Lisa and 3 kids, D.J., Alicia and Devin, and Pittsburgh sports.